Executive Committee - Section United States

The central goal of ORPE Human Rights Advocates remains in furthering human rights and through its mission of shining light in the midst of darkness, influencing change in behaviors of the abridgers of liberty, equality, and justice. The movement is expected to contribute in the advancement of respect of human rights as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In fact, it is our belief that where human rights are respected, aggression is deterred; rule of law governs; democracy is strengthened; humanitarian crisis prevented; peace secured and thus light rules over darkness. At its odds, where exists restriction on liberty, impaired equal protection, and injustice, peace is threatened and insecurity govern and thus, darkness rules over light.


Therefore, ORPE human Rights Advocates campaigns on the program of "shining light in the midst darkness." It preaches the gospel of light to effect positive change in those rulers who worship the cult of domination, vanity, discrimination, and inflicting great harms to their own people. It strongly advocates against tortureunlawful detention and prisoner abuses. OHRA opposes restrictions of human rights in the name of  state security.  OHRA does not believe that any torture or inhuman treatment is justified in the name of state security.  OHRA also strongly advocates for the rights of victims of armed groups as well as accountability for those who engage in violation of fundamental rights of people. OHRA objects the detention without due process and unfair trial. OHRA campaigns for Individuals at Risk (IAR), protections for anyone who is threatened of having their human rights violated because of who they are or what they believe.

OHRA advocates for lives and families living in poverty, of which increasing number of whom are women and children, who face deprivation, eviction. exclusion, insecurity and voicelessness and interrelated issues that add up to powerlessness. This vicious cycle of poverty is expected to be countered with the virtuous circle of human rights. We are in the verge of creating partnerships of great purpose to find solutions that last. Whether it's improving health and wellness, increasing opportunity for women, preventing eviction and homelessness, creating economic opportunity and growth, or helping communities address social issues that effect change, we know we're only successful when we work with others.