Our Mission

Orpe Human Rights Advocates promotes programs that defend human dignity. It helps defend the cause of those whose fundamental rights are violated. It promotes actions that empower lives living in poverty to forge their paths out of poverty.​ The organization is involved in disaster relief and promotes programs that strive for access to health care and programs deemed to reducing preventable diseases. Together with its partners, OHRA promotes programs that help refugees, homeless, and war veterans have a second chance of reintegrating into society and empower them to become economically self-sufficient. As a faith-based organization, OHRA fulfills God's mandate of shining light where people are subjected to suffering, and where human rights are being abused. As an accredited member of the Order for Restoring Peace on Earth (ORPE), OHRA promotes programs that empower change-makers and influence change in policy.

Donate Now to Assist Lives in Poverty Out of Poverty, and Help Restore Human Dignity Around the World

Your gift will empower lives in poverty to forge their paths out of poverty, reduce tyranny in the world, empower victims of human rights abuses, and help restore peace through fulfilling the divine mandate of shining light where the power of darkness inflicts suffering to innocent people.

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Your help will help fight human trafficking crimes and will help restore dignity to women, girls, and children victims of human  trafficking